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Hello! My name is Emily Lupita. I’m an artist & writer, now a full-time caregiver for my two young sons, Charlie & Archie. They are both diagnosed with nonverbal Autism and other exceptional needs.

I also have a family member in long-term care. My mother suffered a catastrophic brain bleed / stroke and remains paralyzed on one side. She lives in a residential rehabilitation center with 24 hour care.

In this newsletter, we’ll talk about Creative Self-Care. All good things for lifting the spirit and caring for ourselves while caring for another person (or people). It’s a mix of important mental health info + creative exercises + resource links + art.

Creative self- care is for caregivers of all types. Everyone is welcome to join us. If you find yourself taking care of children, siblings, or elderly family members…or any other caregiving situation…I hope this newsletter will be useful & fun for you.

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~Emily Lupita

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